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Flamenco Show Madrid Spain

The Best Flamenco Show in Madrid

Welcome to the best flamenco show in all of Madrid. Here, all of our world-class dancers, singers and guitarists put their heart and soul into every show. We offer you a show that will hypnotize you with its great energy. Feel the true rhythm, passion and spirit of flamenco and discover a captivating experience with your family and friends of all ages. Do not wait more! . Make your reservations and experience the Magic of Flamenco.

Our Unforgettable Flamenco Dance Show Madrid Includes:

Our Unforgettable Flamenco Dance Show Madrid Includes:

A Fabulous 1-hour Flamenco Show:

Experience the emotion that our "non touristy Flamenco in Madrid" transmits. The great talent of our amazing dancers, singers and guitarists make this show an experience that will last a lifetime.

Complimentary Drink:

Quench your thirst and delight your palate with a refreshing glass of Spanish sangria. This delicious drink is included with your entry ticket.

Menu with the best traditional tapas in Madrid:

Eat some delicious and traditional tapas while you enjoy our incredible Flamenco show. We have different options of Spanish and Madrileñan dishes that can be tasted at any time; during or after our top Flamenco Show in Madrid.

Cave style venue:

Our charming venue, transformed into a pure cave style, creates the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable experience. Our Flamenco Show Madrid in a cave will give an intimate atmosphere to your experience that will make you feel in the cradle of Flamenco. This cave style achieves a surround sound with which you will hear in detail Flamenco singers, guitarists and cajoneros. An authentic and surprising show with sounds that will make your skin crawl.

Flamenco Show in Madrid

Why Choose Our Flamenco Show?

best flamenco show madrid

The Best Flamenco Show in Madrid

Live the magic that comes from seeing the Best Flamenco Show in Madrid Spain. This is where the great talent of our dancers and musicians and the passion they put into each show will give you goosebumps. We are convinced that our show will leave you speechless! Get your tickets now before they sell out.

cheap flamenco show madrid

Affordable & Cheap Flamenco Show Madrid

Here is your opportunity to acquire a jewel at a very affordable price. We have a Cheap Flamenco Show Madrid. Live this Madrid experience without breaking your bank account and enjoy this charming cultural show! Without a doubt, this is where quality comes together at a fair price.

madrid flamenco show and dinner

Madrid Flamenco Show and Dinner option

Close your flamenco night experience with a delicious and traditional Spanish dinner. Our restaurant has delicious tapas, delicious traditional dishes and refreshing drinks. Enjoy bite by bite while admiring passionate dancers performing captivating Flamenco. A truly unforgettable night awaits you!

Get Now Your Flamenco Show Madrid Tickets

Book now, be quick because tickets for the best Flamenco Shows in Madrid sell out soon! Get your tickets now and experience a “non-touristy” flamenco show that will exceed your expectations. This is where passion and rhythm mix with magic. ¡Olé!

Flamenco Madrid 2023

Faqs About It

What is the best Flamenco show in Madrid?

The best Flamenco show in Madrid is without a doubt our own show! Our shows stand out for our skilled artists, a unique environment and our dedication to making very original Flamenco. By choosing us, you are choosing an unparalleled experience, full of Spanish culture and passion.

Is there a dress code for Flamenco shows?

There is no strict dress code for Flamenco shows, but we recommend that you wear casual and elegant clothing. Dress comfortably and opt for flamenco colors and patterns.

Is it better to see Flamenco in Madrid or Seville?

Both Madrid and Seville offer good Flamenco shows. Choosing one of them will depend on your tastes and travel plans. Madrid is known for its famous world-class artists and our Flamenco show is proof of this. Seville, on the other hand, is the birthplace of Flamenco and offers a more traditional experience. Regardless of the city, you will surely like the Flamenco magic.

Should I see a Flamenco show in Madrid or Barcelona?

In Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona you can enjoy incredible Flamenco shows. Our show in Madrid is a show where the experience of world-famous artists is combined. Barcelona offers newer flamenco shows that use modern steps. Many people say that the most traditional is in Seville. Visit the city that best suits your travel itinerary, whichever city you decide to see flamenco, we are sure it will be a highlight of your trip.

How long does a Flamenco show last?

A typical Flamenco show lasts 1 to 2 hours. Many have intermediate breaks to enjoy the food and others tell the story of flamenco before the start.

Why do Flamenco dancers look so serious?

Flamenco dancing has different benefits for both the body and the mind. The strong facial expressions help convey the great feelings behind the show. Flamenco dancing is a form of artistic expression and serves as therapy to release the emotions that accumulate in the person. It's also a good way to exercise and lose some calories.

What do you wear to a Flamenco in Spain?

When you go to a Flamenco show in Spain, it’s best to dress in smart casual attire. While there is no strict dress code, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable, stylish clothes that reflect the festive atmosphere of the event.

Are there Flamenco shows in Madrid?

Yes, there are almost 15 different flamenco shows in the city. You can find shows with male dancers, with couples, with castanets and drums or just with guitars. Choosing a good show is not that easy, many flamencos are really good but they do not make themselves known in an adequate way. Don't worry about choosing the best one since you have us as the best option.

What happens at a Flamenco show?

Many things happen in a flamenco show. Singing and dancing are mixed with emotion and the result is an art form that captivates any viewer. Exceptional artists who experience emotions and express them through dance participate in a show. You can expect an hour of pure entertainment where all the attention will be presented on stage. There, singers and musicians will put rhythm to the Flamenco dancers that will leave you amazed.

Do Spaniards like Flamenco?

Yes, the answer may be very obvious but not everyone likes flamenco. This genre of music is like any other existing one that identifies Spanish culture. Not everyone is born with such a unique taste for singing or dancing. However, the vast majority of Spaniards do like flamenco as it is treated as a part of Spain's cultural identity. In fact, if you go at night, you will hear in the streets how people sing, clap and dance flamenco. The Spanish sing and dance for pure pleasure as a sign of joy.

How much is a Flamenco show in Madrid?

The cost of a Flamenco show in Madrid can vary depending on the venue and artists. The normal prices range goes from 30€ to 45€ per person. We offer a great show at competitive prices in our show. In all our shows there are artists of international stature, a glass of sangria is added and we have dinner options in our restaurant. So you can enjoy a night of dancing, dinner and drinks in pure Spanish style.

Are there free Flamenco shows in Madrid?

While there might be free Flamenco shows in Madrid (school shows at the end of the school year), they may not offer the same quality as a paid show. Our show will bring you a really good and awesome experience that is worth the ticket price.

Does Flamenco have Arabic roots?

There are many theories about the origin of flamenco, many of which indicate that it is a mix of Moorish, Gypsy and Jewish songs. The Moors conquered much of Spain, bringing with them their music with percussion instruments. Gypsies are a people that originated in India, from where they brought guitars. On the other hand, the Jews have played traditional songs. Historians indicate that the mixture of sounds that makes up Flamenco comes from the mixture of gypsy tribes and Jewish accents and Moorish sounds. Whatever culture has contributed the most to shaping Flamenco today, we must be grateful for the final result.

What is the golden triangle of Flamenco?

This word refers to the southern area of Spain where Flamenco originated. Basically the golden triangle refers to an imaginary triangle with corners in Andalusian cities. Cities like Seville, Granada and Jerez de la Frontera form this Flamenco triangle.

Why do Flamenco dancers say olé?

Flamenco dancers say “olé” as a way to encourage and express their applause to the musicians for the skill and passion they add to the melodies. The word is often used when a dancer or singer brings an amazing moment during the show. Remember this word, you will have to use it on your trip to Spain when you find very pleasant moments.